Cable Trays & Accessories

LCT - 25Light Duty

MCT - 25Medium Duty

HCT 25 Heavy Duty

VCT 25Very Heavy Duty

1000Straight connector

LCT - 50Light Duty

MCT 50Medium Duty

HCT - 50Heavy Duty

VCT - 50Very Heavy Duty

161Bend 45°- cornered

1010Angle Connector

MCT - 75Medium Duty

HCT - 75Heavy Duty

VCT - 75Very Heavy Duty

170Bend 45°- curved

1020Angle Connector

MCT - 100Medium Duty

HCT - 100Heavy Duty

VCT - 100Very Heavy Duty

1030Angle Connector

1040Angle Connector

241Bend 90°- cornered

1050Wrap-over connector

242Bend 90°- cornered

1060Corner connector

1070Barrier strip

251Bend 90°- curved

1080Joint plate - Fish plate

1100End plate

1110Drop-out plate

322Tee Branch - cornered

1200Crimping Type Copper

330Tee Branch - curved

1300Tinned Copper Flexible Braids

2000, 2010Cable tray cover

2100Cable tray cover with locking clamp

401Intersection - cornered

410Intersection - curved

481Vertical 90o (outside riser) - cornered

490Vertical 90o (outside riser) - curved

640Adjustable riser

681Reducer - central

691Right side

701Left side

800Add - on branch - cornered

810Add - on branch - curved

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