Cable Management Systems

SFSP Cable Trays - Ladder type, fittings and accessories are manufactured in compliance with international standards. SFSP provides a wide range of products capable of providing the characteristics which respond to the proposed application, along with quality of assembly, speed of installation and cost-saving cable Trays.

Calculations are provided by our design office in Stuttgart, Germany.

SFSP Cable Ladder Tray Systems are designed to meet most requirements of cable and electrical wire installations and comply to local and international standards of fabrication and finishing. Cable Tray Systems are economical wire and cable management systems designed to support and protect electrical wires and cables.

National Electric Code (NEC) permits Cable Trays in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. The NEC also permits Cable Trays for use as equipment ground conductor.

Cable Tray Systems can provide significant advantages in cable filling over other wiring methods.This can provide savings in the size or number of raceways required, thereby, reducing both material and labor costs. In many cases, NEC permits greater conductor ampacities in Cable Tray Systems than for other wiring methods.

Under certain conditions, the NEC allows “Free Air” rating of large, single conductor power cables (4/0 & larger) in ventilated Cable Trays Systems. This can provide significant savings in conductor costs. Cable Trays permit much greater spacing between support hangers than most other systems, providing savings in support costs and installation labor.

Cable Tray Systems, fittings and accessories from SFSP are manufactured in compliance with:
IEC 61537

International Electrotechnical Commission(Cable management – Cable tray systems and cable ladder systems)

SASO IEC (61537/2007)

Saudi Standard(Cable management – Cable tray systems and cable ladder systems)

NEMA VE 1 - 2009

National Electrical Manufacturers Association.(Metal Cable Tray Systems)

NEMA VE 2 - 2006

National Electrical Manufacturers Association.(Metal Cable Tray Installation Guide Lines)


National Electric Code(Metal Cable Tray Guide Lines)

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